General Supplies

A tidy office will always leave client a good impression on your business. Our range of general supplies feature essentials such as hospital supplies, apparel, grooming products, animal control and identification, plus waiting room sales items. To keep your offices and workstations in optimal performing level, you never know when you might need the following: Air Freshener & Disinfectant, Alcoholic Solvent, Cleaning Cloth, Hand Sanitizer, Repellant, Tissue Roll & Wipes, Toilet Cover, Trash Bag, Waste Bin etc.
Call on us today for that peculiar and the most common supplies you need. Our wide range of sourcing capabilities put us in a vantage position to ensure we get you your supplies in the most affordable and timely manner.
Travels & Tours
Whether it is for business, pleasure, research, or casual sight-seeing, tourism at Consultek Travels & Tours is synonymous with comfort and reliability. We offer you a wide range of professional services ensuring value for money.
Our team of seasoned travel experts offer you an array of tips and guidelines letting you make the best possible choice with respect to travels for holidays, businesses and international educational pursuits. 

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